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Glenn Lambertz


Glenn Lambertz

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After forty-five years in broadcast and print journalism, Glenn retired in 2007. Within a month he was called to be pastor of a Baptist church in Western New York, and retirement was on hold.

     Theology, Speech and Music were areas of study at Columbia Union College, but he became a Christian - a believing follower of Christ - many years after college. Coming to Christ and accepting God's gracious gift of eternal life happened in 1977 while living in Denver.

     Having grown up in an SDA home, Glenn asked to be baptized at the Denver South SDA Church. Within a week of that event, the church pastor asked him to teach the young adult Bible class. He accepted the challenge, as well as an invitation to write for “INSIGHT” magazine, an SDA publication. Those two things led Glenn into a daily study of God’s Word, the Bible, and then a departure from the denomination. The reason was basic. A quote from his withdrawal letter explains it: “I stand firm on the basic truth that God’s Word, the Bible, is the only rule of faith and practice, and I cannot stand in support of a denomination that departs from this important doctrine.”

     Fellowship at Corona Presbyterian Church happened shortly thereafter, with Bible-based teaching from Pastor Mike Ladra. Glenn wrote a story about Corona titled “Slaying Dragons,” and the editor of “INSIGHT” published it.

     Glenn met his wife Kim at Corona, and they were married six months later (1980). The couple launched a blended family adventure and a son and daughter were added to the mix within a few years.

     Within the 45 journalism years, Glenn worked as broadcast news director for Christa Ministries in Seattle, Radio New Jersey and Family Life Network in New York. He began the radio/TV experience at Channel 3 in Burlington, VT, went on to WAVA all-news radio in Washington, D.C., KLZ in Denver, KOMO in Seattle, and worked for several newspapers as well. He wrote a weekly column for a New York newspaper titled “Faith and Life,” and a column with the same name is now published weekly by Newport Vermont Daily Express.

     Glenn and Kim became members of Green Mountain Bible Church in 2020. Kim helps with children’s ministry and worship music (among other things!) while Glenn, as an elder, coordinates worship music and fills in preaching when needed.